Susan works with both the public and private sectors to create places, businesses, and communities that thrive and that compel people to visit, work, live and play. As Founder and Managing Director of CivicMoxie, LLC, Susan serves municipalities, not for profits, foundations, and community groups. She has led planning projects ranging from one or two professionals working over a few months to multi-disciplinary planning teams of real estate development experts, transportation planners, economic development professionals, landscape architects, urban designers and zoning/permitting specialists focusing on city-wide multi-year endeavors.

Susan serves private clients as Co-founder and Director of Fairsted Advisors, LLC.  Her work prepares families, operating companies and their advisors for transitions and opportunities in real estate.  At Fairsted, she collaborates with Alexandra Stroud, a real estate development expert, to offer land planning, real estate development advising, urban design, project management, and community engagement services for private sector development, philanthropy, and adaptive reuse projects.

Susan has a keen sense of the leadership and collaboration necessary to align the sometimes disparate needs and goals of many interests; she excels at crafting win-win solutions and creating exciting new possibilities for translating plans into actions. All of Susan’s work is infused with the spirit of collaboration and her clients select her because they seek innovative, impactful results–plans and strategies that stay off the shelf and live long lives contributing to community, space and place, and the bottom line.

The constant building and care of cities, urban spaces, and communities can be a messy business that involves much more than showing up with the right technical expertise in hand. It’s about HOW you do things. Susan loves working collaboratively with people of diverse interests and backgrounds to make great things happen in the public and private sectors.

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CivicMoxie’s collaborative team of planners and urban designers combine an innovative spirit and on-the-ground know-how to ensure plans on paper translate to a vibrant reality with positive outcomes. Our clients range from small non-profits to community organizations to city planning departments. With deep experience in placemaking, urban design, arts and culture, land use and zoning, community revitalization, and security and public space, we excel at working with limited resources across varied interests and stakeholders to find win-win solutions to tough challenges.


  • Urban Design
  • Zoning
  • Community Engagement
  • Economic Development
  • Arts and Cultural Development
  • Placemaking
  • Branding
  • Master planning
  • Community Revitalization
  • Research

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Fairsted Advisors provides unbiased, objective advice and strategic guidance in land use planning, real estate development and related services.  Our clients seek a broad understanding of all the factors at play within the context of their family goals and legacy. We work with private clients and their advisors to ensure that team information and expertise is evaluated holistically to achieve the best outcomes.


  • Real Estate Development Advising
  • Land Planning
  • Land Use
  • Urban Design
  • Architectural Advising
  • Political and Community Engagement
  • Project Management